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A Look Back at the Oktopus

Posted on August 8, 2011 by Morten Linde

Summertime for many of us is a welcome opportunity to relax and spend time with friends and family. Personally, this is also a period when I have time to reflect on what we have worked hard on. As I look through a report containing all the impressive worldwide press coverage we have been kindly given in the past year, I enjoy recalling the rewarding results that we have achieved in 2010.

In our PRESS gallery on LWuniverse you can get to see a small selection from a multitude of articles written by some of the best watch journalists around the world. They illustrate how well our efforts to create a different breed of high performance timepieces have been received on an international scale.

2010 was a very busy year for us, that was dominated by the launch of the Oktopus family of extreme diver watches. While we couldn’t satisfy demand enough for all Oktopus models, it was especially the Oktopus Moonphase that sparked a lot of press interest and resulted in many articles. A great response that led to the Moonphase series being snapped up within a short period of time.

Our innovative approach to design incorporating another form of art, exemplified by the Oktopus Tattoo, was widely noticed. The collaborative thoughts that went into and the creative process behind the Tattoo were practically the same as producing an art piece.

This year, the launch of the SpidoSpeed has so far kept LW in very high spirits, which has produced an echo resonating in the international media as well. I look forward to sharing some of the exciting reviews and feedback we’ve received with you in a later post.

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