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A Second Run Of Black

Posted on July 23, 2009 by Morten Linde

Today is a good day. The new Hard Black II just arrived and we are thrilled! Our first run of Hard Black was an instant success and all 22 watches were sold really fast. Due to popular demand we decided to launch a slightly different version with the updated dial, black hands and bright coloured hour markers with black trimming.

As you can see on the picture below we decided to match the stitching in the strap, adding a distinct look to the watch.

Apart from the new contrast hour markers and strap stitching, the Hard Black II features the same new dial as The One, Elemental and Two Timer. Also the case underwent a new microbille procedure prior to the black DLC treatment. This means an even tougher coating. A group of watches aficionados in Singapore recently asked about the procedure at a gathering held at the legendary Hotel Raffles (where the famous cocktail Singapore Sling originates from). The watch loving group invited our Marketing Manager (who happened to be visiting Singapore on holiday) to join their meeting. In response to their discussion I thought it´d be worth showing you how our DLC coating is done. Linde Werdelin employ a vacuum vapour deposition procedure which has proven very sturdy. Below you can see the actual DLC coating chamber.

The DLC procedure offers around one thousandth of a millimetre of carbon to create a surface up to three times harder than steel and second only to diamond in hardness. This hydrogen free diamond structure crafts the watch in such a way that it guarantees extreme durability and virtual scratch and corrosion resistance, perfect for the sporting environments. The tough Linde Werdelin DLC coating complements and reflects the rugged yet architectural nature of our watches. Of course both the Rock and the Reef, Land and Sea Instruments respectively, can be attached on the Hard Black II.

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