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Another Form of Craft

Posted on June 1, 2010 by Jorn Werdelin

This is our new creation – neither a watch, nor an instrument.

This is another form of craft. A hand-drawn graphic novel of the LW Universe, The Perfect Five, by two renowned French artists. Craftsmanship is something very close to our hearts. The challenge is to present craftsmanship to a digital audience. Yes, that includes you, as you are reading this either on your computer or a mobile.

We have put together a video trailer of the LW Universe graphic novel, by using the original hand-drawn illustrations, not by computer-generated images. Anyone who has used 3D graphic software should know, the creative process and the skills required are completely different to those in hand drawing.

It’s been a long time coming, but we are pleased to be able to preserve the originality of the illustrations. Collaborating with artists is like working with artisan watch-makers, there’s a kind of romance and integrity in it. You can’t force it and you have to respect it.

Previously, I gave you the lowdown on how we started this creation here: The Illustrative Side of LW; now I can stop being a tease and just show you a clip…

Ok, some people may call the video clip a teaser, so technically I am still being a tease. There is a second part coming in a couple of weeks, the story then continues in the magazine version.

True to our form, we have produced a small limited run of Episode 1 in hard copies, complimentary to customers. Just a small gesture and another way to share what we do.

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