The Lab

Design DNA at a Glance

Posted on September 25, 2012 by Morten Linde

This is a beautiful hand made watch box made by the famous Parisian luxury humidor maker ELIE BLEU. It has recently found home here in The Lab.

I am excited to reveal what I have carefully arranged inside the box.

Never have we gathered a large collection of our past and present watch series side by side like this.  This is the perfect showcase of our design DNA.  It is very interesting for me to see them all together in front of my eyes and to study the evolution and development of the design from where we started.

It is rare to find a watch company who must adhere to the same product DNA while creating infinite design variety.  The two key constraints that form part of our DNA are the clip-on system to carry the dive/ski instrument and our own interchangeable strap system.  Having to work within these limits is far from having a blank canvas to build a design for a watch.

Just to look at the case construction for the Spido family (the bottom row in the box) and the Oktopus (the middle row) family, one is driven by the need to create a light case structure to suit high altitude mountain activities whereas the other is about building a sturdy case to sustain pressure under water, yet they are both bound by the same constraints. They have both evolved from the original collection (the top row) to take pride in highly complex construction and using the finest materials.

The infinite design possibilities bound by our own DNA are what make creating LW watches increasingly challenging yet exciting to us.

M. Linde