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Designing an LW Watch

Posted on July 15, 2011 by Morten Linde

Designing a watch is not an easy task. I bet you have read this many times.
Starting from a strong watch design idea I commence by designing different elements of a watch independently which will later come together to form a functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye timepiece. It is a long challenging procedure but a rewarding one the moment I see all the individual creations brought together to shape a timepiece.

Linde Werdelin watches have no straightforward design yet the overall feel is a simple one. I like people to be able to see the details on each of the components when they look a Linde Werdelin watch closer. I work on the design of each of the elements of the LW watch one by one. From the dial, the hands, the screws, the rotor to the case and the back case each has its own individual design. No matter their size, where they are placed on the watch or their role and function, each one of them is given thought after thought until it reaches the best form.

Then comes the difficult part of putting these elements together, the hands with the dial, the complete dial with the case then the strap and all these separate designs have to seamlessly work together as if they had all been designed in one go. This is where the evolution and fine tuning of the designs takes effect. And sometimes this is the longest part of the design process.

3-D animations, computer renderings and samples are all within the design process but the true evolution of designing the perfect watch is in its last stage that of hand crafting.

Until next time.

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