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Double Date Wheels

Posted on September 4, 2012 by Morten Linde

Each of our timepieces carries a movement that is customised for its design and inspiration.  A big date as a complication makes sense for a dive watch as it is in line with the large indexes customary for easy reading. The date is also useful for when you set up the Reef (our dive instrument) before a dive. We collaborated with Dubois Dépraz, a renowned 110-year old family-owned complications maker highly recognised as one of the best in the industry, to give life to the big date run in double wheels we wanted in the Oktopus II.

We call it Double Date.

It was extremely complicated to do the date wheels. I wanted them to be skeletonised in order to let parts of the intricate movement beneath to show through for your interesting viewing, and to create the stencil look of the letters found on a lot of dive equipment. Because the discs are incredibly thin, the wheels would deform due to the high heat from laser cutting. We actually had to develop a special process to overcome that challenge.

After that, each date wheel is delicately spray-painted by hand. It is critical to perform this manually so that we can ensure the consistency and a super fine coating.  Just a touch too much paint deposited and the discs would become too thick for the wheels to function properly.

The skeletonised design gives an octopus representation, with the centres of the date wheels on the dial looking like its eyes and the tentacles spread along 4 to 8 o’clock.  Now you have the Oktopus Double Date right before your eyes every time you look.

M. Linde

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