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Oktopus Tattoo: A Quick Tour Through The Lab

Posted on February 28, 2010 by Morten Linde

Who is this mysterious lady? You may not know this, but our Special Project is the inspiration for her being. If you haven’t seen her from some of our brand materials, you soon will. And a story involving this lady will unfold.

Back to the special project, our Oktopus Tattoo. It is hard to believe 2 years has passed since we first discussed developing a diver’s watch and its design conception.

In a normal design process, one would use hand or computer drawings to get as close to the ideal and final design as possible before building a prototype. Anyone with the knowledge of product development would know that building commercial prototypes is a costly exercise, so you don’t want to have to build too many of them before production.

But the complexity of the tattoo patterns meant it was practically impossible to realise the case design for the Tattoo watch in sketches. We had no choice but to start using 3D modelling from a very early stage for the mock-ups to see how the 2-dimensional tattoo patterns on paper would flow well on the various facets of a 3-dimensional Oktopus watch case. We painstakingly went through numerous SLA (3D-layering) prototypes and engraved countless aluminium blocks just to develop the case design.

To create an original design, we give thoughts to everything. During the Product Development phase, all design is done in house (in The Lab!)…down to the smallest detail of the numeric font on the Oktopus dial. Every time we come up with an idea or adjust a design, we need to validate its feasibility with watch-makers and part-producers in Switzerland before we carry on further.

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