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The Black Orange

Posted on February 21, 2012 by Jorn Werdelin

Recently, a customer who had originally booked a SpidoLite II had to face a happy struggle when he viewed it alongside the SpidoSpeed Black Orange. Titanium with blued hands? Or black DLC with orange logo and subdials?

At this point, we shared our motto: if you have it in you, recognise it, do not be afraid to be different. Mind you, if you have come so far as to choosing between a SpidoLite or SpidoSpeed, it already says a lot about your own sense of self.

His choice?

SpidoSpeed Black Orange.

We had a flash of an opportunity this week to hold on to a SpidoSpeed Black Orange to take some home-made photos to show you the ‘compelling case’ for his change of mind.

I would say, before you get a chance to strap on both to make a decision, do not think the choice would be obvious.

J. Werdelin

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