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The Øresund Diving Test

Posted on July 2, 2009 by Morten Linde

Here we would like to show you unique photos from the perfect habitat of The Reef Instrument: the buttom of the ocean. We have been running several tests on The Reef in Øresund four or five times a week, using three professional divers in each test.

Øresund divides Denmark and Sweden and offers perfect testing grounds for our Instruments. We have tested if the back light, temperature, depth meter, dive timer, safety stop timer, compass dive-algorithm, oxygen-tracking etc. work as we intended these vital functions to do – and we are very pleased with the impressive results!

Next year we will see the release of The Reef, complete with the latest updated software, optimizing the usability and proving our Instruments as the ultimate equipment for the demanding user, may it be under water, on the ground or hanging from the verticals walls of a mountain.

Next week we will offer a rare look into our test ground, as we have made an underwater video in Øresund. So please stay tuned for next weeks show!

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