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The SpidoSpeed Chronograph is here!

Posted on June 30, 2011 by Morten Linde

It has been a while since I have written on The Lab. Here at Linde Werdelin rhythms never seem to slow down on the contrary they are accelerating! It is my absolute pleasure to share with you that the SpidoSpeed Chronograph has now been ‘unleashed’ into the markets around the world.

There has though been a slight change to it since we last showed pictures of it here on The Lab. Since unveiling the SpidoSpeed at BaselWorld in March, we have made minor changes on the pusher system and the case surrounding the pushers all ensuring users’ functionality of the chronograph.

The pushers now have additional smaller pieces placed on top which make it easy for the owner to push at the right angle and so to facilitate activating the chronograph. The construction of the SpidoSpeed case required for a special pusher system to be constructed, one that would allow pushers to sit further on the case and also allow the clip-on of the instruments. And this is what we have done. And if I may add here I believe the new design has made the SpidoSpeed more visually interesting. Moreover, the skeleton case on the lower part of the pushers has been slightly modified ensuring that all-important pusher functionality.

‘What about attaching The Rock on there?’ The new design of the SpidoSpeed called for adjustment of the clip-on system in The Rock which will soon be available.
Jorn is back next week with news from Singapore where I have just returned from!

Until next time.

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