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The World is our Oyster

Posted on June 4, 2012 by Jorn Werdelin

Since exhibiting at Basel 2012 in Switzerland, we have expanded our presence to Angola, Australia, Germany, Mexico, Ukraine and Turkey.  We are now closer to our customer than ever before, reaching them in opposite corners of the world right from Canada to Australia.

As I said last year (on the post: Up the Ante) there is a certain measured pace for organic growth when you are an independent watchmaker. To become part of the watch industry as outsiders, as an independent, and to break the mould in our offerings, in our business approach, Morten and I have been in an uphill battle (as in the post: Half the Battle) since day one of starting Linde Werdelin.

Many early observers and industry insiders were somewhat sceptical when we wanted to reinvent the sports watch with attachable instruments for diving and skiing. We are not here to prove anyone wrong, we are just compelled to bring to you our best idea in the best possible way.

It is fantastic that increasingly when we meet industry people and potential customers they know and appreciate what we do – they are excited (almost as much as we are) to see the new Spido’s and the Oktopus’s!

As it stands, we are now represented on five continents, in 22 countries and working with some of the best partners there.  Especially the ones who have been on this journey with us since the early days we thank for having the conviction.  The level and quality of our partnerships are high, and we look forward to growing in many more countries.  We are the same small independent company but are just stretching a bit further – and hopefully diving and skiing a bit more.

J. Werdelin

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